Saddest classified ad

Trey_houseIn the St. John Tradewinds:

"FOR RENT: Partially furnished one bedroom cottage, w/d, a/c, deck, grill, $1,800/month+utilities, no pets, all views blocked by Grand Bay. 240-460-8609."

Click on the photo … house is at upper left hand corner, behind the condos.

6 thoughts on “Saddest classified ad”

  1. Frank,
    It’s still for rent, but can’t allow any pets since there’s no safety barrier or retaining wall the bottom of the hill between our cottage and Grand Bay. Falling could mean death to a pet or a child. If not death, serious injuries can easily occur.

  2. Steve,
    I never told you how much I paid for that house? Where/how did you come up with that question?
    I stand corrected, recently Bay Isle constructed an approx. four foot wall at the bottom of my property, top of theirs to hold back erosion, leaves, making sure nothing falls down into the pit. Question still remains, what is Bay Isle going to do about the removal of lateral support? This is what is cited in our complaint filed in November ’05.

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