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I figure there maybe close to 100 restaurants/bars/snack shops/food huts and wagons on St. John.  But which is best?  Depends.
Just as there are different strokes for different folks, there are times when you want to splurge, and sometimes you just want to eat and run.  Rather than asking ‘What’s your favorite,’ I thought it would be a good idea to develop a list of folks’ favorites, depending upon the time, the mood, your location and, yes, the dollars.  Here’s the first poll.  More to come.

9 thoughts on “Restaurant Poll – Upscale favorites”

  1. I did not see Rhumb Lines in your list. The food is certainly one of the best in St.John, and the atmosphere is great. In my opinion, it should be added…..It is my favorite.

  2. Your survey neglected to list the best restaurant on the island – Turtle Bay Estate House at Caneel. Admittedly very pricey, it has the most romantic setting, fantastic ambiance, an imaginative menu, great presentation and service. Can’t understand why respondees rated La Tapa and the Equator so far down the list – both are excellent, each in its own way. Many of the other high-end restaurants have haughty meet-and-seat personnel, a real turnoff when you’re paying such big bucks. The service isn’t bad, but that first impression is a downer.

  3. I didn’t include Turtle Bay because it’s not open to the public.
    Rhumb Lines is very good, I agree. But I don’t see it in the same “upscale, $$$” range as the others – it’ll be included in another poll this week.

  4. Tage has been our sure thing for an incredible dining experience every time. So much so that we haven’t gotten around to trying any of the other ones on your list. That was due to the magic wrought by Ted Robinson, and unfortunately, that has changed with his departure. It was good on our last trip, but not like it was with him. We will probably go again on our next trip but will definitely consult your poll for our other options. The spell’s been broken. Time to branch out.
    Thanks for the poll, Frank.

  5. I agree with Franco!
    We attended a wedding reception at Rhumb Lines recently(apparently they do several dozen a year), and it was THE best reception we have ever attended! The staff treated us as honored guests while still creating a super fun and easy-going atmosphere. My friend the bride said the evening ran like a smoothly-oiled machine, and that dealing with the arrangements with the owner (Hillary?) was a pleasure.
    The space was gorgeous, my ideal vision of a beautiful tropical space. Torches flame, candles flickered, lush tropical plants surrounded us, and the band played on….
    ….not to mention the best margaritas and daiquiris outside of Mexico! I mean, NO ONE uses FRESH lime juice for these drinks anymore!
    Since we were already down there, we decided to stay on for another 10 days for holiday and couldn’t resist going back to Rhumb Lines several times — the place just makes you FEEL good!
    We thought our wonderful experience might have ahd to do with the fact that we had been attending a wedding party, but the staff was just as caring and fun and the food (all that stuff we hadn’t tried at the wedding) was PHENOMENAL! Literally a party for the taste buds, esp. if you start by ordering some hors d’oeuvres from the Pupu Platter menu. And, for God’s sake, don’t skip the salad course! The Mango Gazpacho is nothing short of striking, and I must confess, I had to have the goat cheese salad everytime.
    If you don’t think of this place as upscale just because their PRICES aren’t up there, or because they don’t have silver service, you’re making a big mistake. It may not be expensive or formal, but I think that’s the point. Their food was better — more inventive, more exciting, more eclectic– than any of the places on your list (we went to them ALL!), the service was personal, and the space was lovely. And, more importantly, WE WERE COMFORTABLE! So many other places make you feel as if you have to wear your best clothes and be on your best behavior. Rhumb Lines was more like a wealthy home with fabulous food and caring servants.
    What more could you ask for?

  6. I have to agree Rhumb Lines is the best. The night we went I wanted to try Key Lime pie for the first time. Well they were out so I was bummed then the waitress told the chef and he whipped one right up. It was the best. I loved the atmosphere & the hanging swings. We’re going back at the end of June this year.

  7. I’d have to agree about “Rhumb Lines”-UNBELIEVABLE food,great atmosphere,if you happen to enjoy secluded surroundings “Down-Town”!Everything about it is delicious.
    PS- miss duffy’s!

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