Port Authority OKs funds for waterfront


Update 8/24/07:  The Virgin Islands Daily News, in its report of the Authority meeting said the agency’s executive director explained it was likely the U.S. Customs in Cruz Bay building would be expanded and that the ferry pavilion would become an enclosed building.

Ferry pavilion?" WHAT ferry pavilion?That wimpy white tent with some folding chairs?

The deJongh group is likely to have some kind of public meeting on Str., John to get locals’ input and suggestions.  Here’s mine.

DeJongh Associates, a St. Thomas architectural firm, is to be hired by the Port Authority to develop beautification plans for the area known as The Creek – the waterfront dock area formerly used by the car barges.  At a meting his week, the Authority authorized $100,000 for a "conceptual development plan," the St. John Source reported.

The meeting was not without discussion about the atrocious conditions at the St. Thomas airport.  Not only is it awful going through security and Customs when you leave, it’s terrible when you arrive.  How terrible?

Gordon Finch, the former executive director of the Authority
told the meeting about a comedian he recently saw who talked about the
airport, the Source reported. "He said that it takes two hours to reach St. Thomas and another two to get out of the airport."

Mr. Finch – we’ve all been there, done that.  From broken baggage belts to chaos with the taxi dispatchers, it’s awful.

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  1. I’m a travel agent who has been visiting St. John for 15 years and booking customers there for nearly as long. I now advise my clients to avoid peak travel days(hard to do for families with school-age children) and not to put small children through the airport hassle that will be there last memory of their vacation. Air travel is hard enough these days without the confusion and chaos that reigns at the airport, taxi stand and ferries.

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