Remembering Lisa Durgin

lisa durginOur little island lost a great woman earlier this week. Lisa Durgin, owner of Vacation Vistas, passed away after battling a brief illness. Our hearts go out to Bob and all of Lisa’s family and friends.

Lisa was a huge supporter of St. John and the community as a whole. She was also an incredible friend and supporter of us here at News of St. John.

Lisa, we will miss you tremendously. xoxo


17 thoughts on “Remembering Lisa Durgin”

  1. Lisa, you will be missed by so many friends here on St. John. You sang, danced and loved the arts! You were such a wonderful friend and supporter of St. John School of the Arts. Rest in Peace.

  2. Oh, my… I am so sorry to read this… Lisa managed the villa we rented on our very first trip to St. John in 1998. She so was so helpful and enthusiastic in telling us about her little island… Gave us our first loaf of monkey bread! And a year later she’s the one that recommended Anne Marie Porter to serve as our officiate for our wedding on Honeymoon Beach…

    RIP and thank you Lisa… You touched many lives in many ways…

  3. So sad. We first met Lisa 15 years ago and have used Vacation Vistas almost yearly since. Such a sweet and enthusiastic person. Can’t believe she’s gone.

  4. We are so sorry to hear this news. Lisa was a great person, kind and caring. Our thoughts are with her family and soulmate, Bob.

  5. Thank you for all the good times Lisa, you made our dream vacations possible and so much fun. The island lost a great lady.

  6. I am so sorry to hear that, I met Lisa many years ago long brefore she started handling the vacation rentals and I scuba dived with her partner Bob.
    My thoughts and prayers are with her family.

  7. Lisa and I go way back…. St John Singers and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for years… such a vibrant , caring, productive person… can`t believe she went so quickly and too soon. Love to her family.
    Charlotte Fish Lacey

  8. Lisa 1st helped in our rental in the early 90’s. At one time my husband and I were considering buying a rental property in St John and she talked with me many times with things to consider while doing so. We found her to be wonderful and personable and I spoke with her many times on a personal level.
    She will be missed

  9. We were shocked & so saddened to hear of Lisa’s passing. What a sweet lady! We have rented from Lisa for several trips to STJ & have a trip this summer that we’re again renting through Vacation Vistas. Loved working with her through our villa rentals & loved her. She will be greatly missed. Our throughts & prayers for all family & friends!

  10. Lisa was so helpful and welcoming when we visited St. John. We rented
    Splendore via Vacation Vistas and she managed a first class rental company.
    So sorry to hear this news

  11. So sorry to hear of Lisa’s passing. I had no idea she was ill. We have rented from Lisa for 10 years and she was always the first smiling face we saw when we reached SJ. I’m sure you will be missed by many. Rest in Peace

  12. So very sad. I am so sorry for the folks in St. John that loved her so greatly. She helped us with our first trip to St. John last year & visited again this year because of her beauty and the beauty of the island. So very sorry to hear this news.

  13. Thank you all for sharing your stories about my sister Lisa. As stated many times she was a remarkable woman who touched many and is still sorely missed by all.
    I love hearing all she did for others, personally or professionally. It fills my heart to overflowing. Hopefully we can keep her legacy going.
    Love one another, no matter your differences.
    When you hear the birds singing, think of my beautiful and talented sister.
    God bless…

  14. I am just finding out about Lisa. The Oklahoma crew is very sad to hear of her passing. Lisa was so amazing at her job and a very kind human Thank you Lisa for the decade of beautiful USVI times. Rest Easy

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