“Red Hook ferry,” tickets please

The first step toward an accountable ticketing and records system has been taken at the Red Hook ferry terminal. 

Machine-generated tickets are being sold for the ride across the Sound to Cruz Bay.  Then they are scanned at the entrance to the dock.  Eventually, turnstiles will be installed and they will get the tickets after scanning.  For now, it's a human collecting the billets.

According to a report of the ticketimng system's pilot phrase, the St. John Source said St. John's two ferry companies formed a new company to handle the system.  Ticket sellers and scanners will, this means, work for the new company and not the ferry operators, as is now the case.

The Public Service Commission welcomes the ticketing system. The Source quoted Keithley Joseph, a PSC Director, saying data from the ticket system will help the Commission when it considers fare hike requests from the ferry companies.

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