Caneel parking now $10

Caneel It's official.

Pia, a frequent contributor to the Virgin-Islands-On-Line forum, posted a picture of the sign which announces Caneel's new parking policy. 

If you spend $10 in the wonderful beach side bar, you get the parking fee back as a credit.  And I dare anyone to be at the Caneel bar and not spend $10. Lunch there is a highlight of every trip to the island.

The fee doesn't seem to be bothering many folks.  CypressGirl from Houston commented, "I don't have a problem with that charge at all. For non-guests, that seems fair. At least I have a choice….I can walk, sweat, carry a ton of crap, get bug bites, and sweat some more…..or pay 10. No brainer to me."

CaliforniaGirl agreed, "Their house, their rules. No problem."

3 thoughts on “Caneel parking now $10”

  1. I don’t have a problem with paying $10 for parking, except if I’m having lunch or dinner in which case there should be no fee. What I have a problem with is Caneel’s new very inhospitable attitude. They obviously don’t want local residents on the property and only welcome registered guests.

  2. Any possibility of a reduced charge for those of us who love playing tennis at Caneel for the “round robins” on Tuesdays and Thursdays? Or does that become the cost of play??

  3. Bargain to me BUT their 10 dollar pina colodas are watered down—- too much ice,,, too watery….not worth 10 buckaroos. if i was paying 600 a night, i wouldn’t want the public on the beach in front of my room… so you go Caneel …it’s the right thing to do!!!!

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