Real estate update 11/20/05

The Multiple Listing Service added another residential property at mid-week, but by the weekend was back to its almost-historic high of 75 properties, unchanged from last week.   Average listing price: $2.1 million.

Land offerings continue to rise.  The MLS has 189, an increase of 7 lots from last week. Excepting an island listed at $24 million (local real estate agent says it’s 237 acres and a "good value"), the average land asking price is $776,000.  There are also 19 condos offered, with an asking price of $812,000.

CoconutcoastCoconut Coast Studios, a group of studio and multi-bedroom apartments, is listed on the MLS for $3.8 million. This is new to me, although it may have been on the list previously.  The units have been in business a long time and are located on the north shore of the island with spectacular views of St. Thomas in the Contant/Enighed area.

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