Helicopter led immigration crackdown

Chopper2A crackdown by the Immigration Department apparently was the reason a federal Black Hawk helicopter hovered over Cruz Bay last week.  Coincidentally, it appeared at the same time Island authorities were reportedly executing a warrant for traffic violations.

The helicopter (photographs courtesy of Jeff at Bongo Bongo (http://www.bongobongostjohn.com/) transported nine suspected illegal immigrants to Puerto Rico, according to the Virgin Islands Daily NewsCustoms agents had been scouting out the St. John to St. Thomas ferry and doing identification checks.  Customs said that of the almost 2,000 illegal immigrants taken into custody over the past four years, at least 75% of the arrests have been made on St. John.

Meanwhile, a correspondent at USVI Online (http://www.usvi-on-line.com/usviforum.html) explained the arrest of a St. John man had to do with his failing to pay fines or show up for court on some traffic violations

There has been no further explanation about the "raid" on the Beach Bar. (below)

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