Progress Report:  Road Construction in Cruz Bay

Progress Report: Road Construction in Cruz Bay

Good Morning, Good Morning!  And a Happy Monday to all of you out there!  There are some road construction projects going on around town that could create some delays or detours over the next little bit and I wanted to take a moment today to share those with those of you who may be on island in the near future.

First, if you have visited us over the past five or six months, you are probably familiar with the extensive WAPA project going on in town.  The roadway between Mongoose Junction and Cap’s Place has been highly congested for several months with the underground power line project.

Well, this week (January 22-27-ish….island time!), a section of that road between Cap’s and Uncle Joe’s Barbeque will be closed according to a notice from the Department of Public Works.

Progress Report: Road Construction in Cruz Bay 1
Note the section of road to be closed January 22-27, 2022

The infographic notifies motorists to expect delays and/or detours during this five day span from 8AM-5PM.  However, we drove through yesterday and there was no work being done so I would imagine this may stretch into a few extra days.

Progress Report: Road Construction in Cruz Bay 2

Not to worry though!  This North Shore Road Closure won’t affect your beach plans.  To avoid this delay, as you are coming from town, simply head up towards the roundabout and back down the road that goes past the Lumberyard.  If you are coming from South Shore or Centerline, don’t head into town, just take the last downhill exit from the circle.  You may still experience delays as the construction stretches beyond the area on the map to just past Morgan’s Mango, but you won’t have a problem getting to Mongoose or the beaches.  The road is also open to pedestrian traffic during this time.

Additionally, you should expect delays over near the Marketplace (Starfish Market).  Do you remember just before the holidays when the westbound lane at the entry to the plaza was closed?  Well, starting today, the eastbound lane will be closed through March of this year.

Progress Report: Road Construction in Cruz Bay 3

The storm water runoff project requires reconstruction of the concrete and drainage systems and if you have ever been past this area in times of heavy rain, you understand why this road construction is necessary!

Progress Report: Road Construction in Cruz Bay 4
Photo: St. John Tradewinds

The work will take approximately eight weeks, give or take.  But, again, not to worry…The road is open for one lane of traffic which is regulated by stop lights.

Progress Report: Road Construction in Cruz Bay 5

DPW advises motorists to expect delays and for pedestrians to navigate the area with caution.  Motorists should expect delays during peak hours of the day…I noticed with the last lane closure that early morning and mid-late afternoon hours are impacted the most.

Progress Report: Road Construction in Cruz Bay 6  As always, in road construction areas, proceed slowly and with caution.  Keep your eyes on the road and watch out for the guys and gals who are working hard in the Caribbean sun to get these projects done for the betterment of St. John!

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