Popular Chef Temporarily Takes Over Little Olive Food Truck

Photo credit: Alesia Georgiou
Photo credit: Alesia Georgiou

There are so many great things happening here on St. John, and today we have yet another great story to share with all of you.

Little Olive, the Greek food truck that is stationed over in the parking lot by motor vehicles in Cruz Bay, has been closed since the summer. (Like many restaurants, they were not open during Irma due to annual seasonal closings) Well, today the food truck is reopening but with a twist.

Mathayom Vahcarat, owner of Mathayom Private Chefs & St. John Catering, has temporarily taken over the lease at Little Olive. (Sadly his catering building Windy Level was destroyed during Hurricane Irma.) So beginning today, he will be serving lunch and breakfast at Little Olive. Here’s what Little Olive had to say on its Facebook page:

Chef Shelly McElligott will be creating delectable delights, changing the menu on a daily basis, and you’ll be able to customize your dish with our Ups and Big Ups, so feel free to Up yours!

Open a few days both this week and next week, with plans to be consistently open Monday through Friday starting in December. Hours will be from 7:00am-3:00pm. Breakfast and MRG’s 7-11, Lunch 11-3. Working on a phone number, so no calls as yet. Cash only.

ALL linemen receive a 20% discount on food.

We are very Thankful this Thanksgiving week!

Tuesday’s Of the Day’s (OTD’s):
Breakfast Sandwich: English Muffin / Egg / Bacon / Kale Chip / Cheese

Salad: Spinach / Pepperocini / Feta / Roasted Pepper

Sandwich: Fried Chicken Breast / Brioche / Provolone / Togaroshi Buttermilk / Tomato

Grain: Quinoa / Rice / Legumes / Mushroom / Caramelized Onion / Fresh Herbs

Noodle: Rice Noodle / Peanut Sauce / Mixed Veg

Poutine: Fries / Roasted Pepper / Garlic / Spinach / Gooey Mozz

Soup: TBD, but we are hoping to get some local Conch for chowder. If not, if will be a Vegetable Chowder.

Meals-Ready to Go (MRG’s) available in the AM: Shaved Sirloin Wrap / Chili Lime Aioli / Kale / Monterrey Jack

Assorted bottled beverages plus iced coffee and tea available.

Looks great, doesn’t it! And a huge thanks for providing a discount to our linemen.

Here is their official menu:

st john catering little olive menu

Seventy-six days have passed since Hurricane Irma tore through this island. The progress made toward our recovery ever since has been truly remarkable.

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