Pond Bay investors weigh future

The marketing director for the developers who planned a 56-unit luxury resort at Chocolate Hole says he will confer with them to determine whether to give it another go.  It’s back to square one for First American Development/Carib after the Coastal Zone Management committee said the project’s permit, issued four years ago, is null and void, because construction did not begin within one year. 

Robert Emmet told the committee he’d kept Planning Commissioner Dean Plaskett apprised of environmental and project studies that were underway.  Plaskett “understood that work was continuing” and indicated the permit was “in full force and effect,” the St. John Source reported. 

Emmett said the company has spent $5 million on development as was ready to sign a contract worthy $53e million with a local construction company to get the project underway.  CZM member Julien Harley said, “Somebody dropped the ball. Mistakes were made on both sides.”  The Committee encouraged Emmett to re-apply for permits and said they would do their best to streamline the process.

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