Police wrestle with Sen. Barshinger

Craig Barshinger, St. John resident and VI Senator At Large,
called the police to the ferry dock after a disagreement between
himself and ferry attendants over whether he should pay $2 for carrying
a garment bag onboard.  Barshinger said he’s carried it previously and
not been charged.  He finally agreed to pay, but that wasn’t the end of
it as police officers were seen carting Barshinger off the boat, the St. John Source reported. 

The problem, Barshinger said, is there is no consistency to how
ferry attendants are applying recently-enacted baggage charges.  Kenrick Agustus, the manager of the ferry operator, Transportation Services, said items like garment bags should be handled as checked luggage.  He told the Source that if people think the fee should not be charged, they can "discuss the matter at the ferry office." 

An official of the Public Services Commission agreed there is
room for confusion; that there is nothing spelled out in the ferry
company’s authorization about the size of carry-on luggage.  Barshinger
said, "One of the main problems is the ferry companies believe they
have an entitlement.  I believe instead they have an opportunity."

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  1. It’s reprehensible that the Senator should make such a scene on the ferry, and for $2! The Senator, of all people, should support the efforts of the ferry service to accomodate the safety and comfort of all its passengers. Shame on Mr. Barshinger!

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