Paddy parade in Paradise

While some people strive for significance by doling something bigger, or longer, or more frantically than anyone else, St. John doe snot do that.

In fact, there is pride in the island's annual St. Patrick's Day Parade being the world's smallest Paddy promenade.  This year, while there were a few hundred locals and visitors watching marchers course through Cruz Bay, it still lasted only about 15 minutes.

Once again, the Quiet Mon Pub organized the event.  The march included by a contingent of dogs from the Animal Care Center wearing green t-shirts and hats – to encourage people to donate by stuffing greenbacks in the pocket of one critter's coat. 

A photo from the parade was published on the Islandia Real Estate blog. One of the Islandia sales people, Jane Kelly (Irish, right?) said the shortness of the parade is a good thing. "That gives you more time to enjoy corned beef and cabbage and all the festivities the  island has to offer."

4 thoughts on “Paddy parade in Paradise”

  1. I do not understand how a photo I took on March 14th, 2009 and which was used with my permission by http://www.on-stjohn.com ends up on your blog today, attributed to someone else.
    I wish people would be more diligent with crediting their sources before sharing other people’s photos on the internet.

  2. I’ll try this again – i posted it originally at about 5 p.m. after I read Ruth’s comment.
    I picked up an image from the Islandia Real estate blog, as I wrote – assuming it was theirs, which is why I credited it.
    My apologies, Ruth.

  3. Great day followed by the absolute best corned beef and cabbage we ever had on or off island at Aqua Bistro and cooked by the best chef on any island MJ. Jan & Lee

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