Parking lot, Centerline repairs soon come?

There is more evidence that the St. John Chamber of Commerce chapter's public frustration about Cruz Bay parking is having an effect.

The group's president, Kate Norfleet, publicly asked why the nearly-complete lot at the Enighed Pond commercial port couldn't, at least, be partially opened, despite several unfinished elements.

Over the weekend, the St. John Source quoted the Commissioner of Public Works saying, in effect, 'OK.'

Because his department has a "good working relationship with (the parking lot) contractor, (Darryl Smalls said) he'll be able to … open a portion before all work is complete," the Source reported 

"I'm going to work aggressively this week," he promised.

The Commissioner is also hoping the Federal Emergency Management Agency will provide about $1 million for repairs to Centerline Road.  The highway was badly damaged by rock slides and washouts during Hurricane Otto last October. "It's a process, but they (FEMA) understand it's critical," Smalls told the Source.

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