Why there will be more tourists on St. John

New York Magazine's latest choice for its "Weekend Trips" feature is your favorite island.  And with one exception, travel writer Grace Bastidas' recommendations are spot on.

NewyorkIt's unfortunate she's only writing about a two- or three-day stay, but then again, you know how New Yorkers are!  

Here's what she suggests:

Where to Stay?

  • Splurge at Caneel Bay, "surround yourself with nature", from $550/night. Or choose Estate Concordia, "remote, sustainable hillside resort," 115/night for an 8-sided solar-paneled ecostudio.Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel is an in-town alternative at $105/night.

What to Eat?  

  • La Tapa and Fatty Crab in Cruz Bay, Vie's Snack Shack on the East End.  (Did you know Vie was Miss St. John in 1963?)

What to Do?

  • Ram Head Trail, rather than the Reef Bay Trail. Skip Trunk Bay and the underwater snorkel trail, "little marine life left thanks to careless visitors." Paddle the mangroves with a guide from Hidden Reef Eco-Tours.

Jam-packed day

  • Breakfast at Donkey Diner in Coral Bay, explore the Annaberg Sugar Mill, quaff a beer at the Tap Room in Cruz Bay.  The recommendation to visit the Cinnamon Bay archeology lab is not a good one. It's just been closed for several months of renovation.

Read the full New York magazine article here.

6 thoughts on “Why there will be more tourists on St. John”

  1. It’s filling up fast, the island’s best beach years are already behind it. Articles like this certainly don’t help.

  2. The best part of the article…? It talks about all the snow-bird tourist traps, leaving the little-known island treasures safe from the hordes…at least for a little while longer.

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