One tiny step for tourism

Header_01 The VI Department of Tourism has created a Web site for workers and business to pledge to improve service to customers and visitors.

The site is usviservicepledge.com.

But it doesn't do nearly enough.

Employees taking the pledge may receive a pocket-sized
customer service pledge card to remind them of their commitment, as well as a button reading "I took the customer service pledge" to distinguish them as being committed to service.

“As members of a tourism-based community, providing exceptional customer service is essential to the success of our destination and our future prosperity,” said Tourism Commissioner Beverly Nicholson-Doty.

But wait!  There should be more. To make the 'Pledge' really mean something, Tourism should open up a comments section on the new Web site.  Tourists could give the department first-person feedback about the service they get and their experiences.

Photo For instance, No-See Um has a great point about the impression this >>>>> makes on the ferry passengers.  "So very welcoming and comfortable," she blogs at no-see-um.blogspot.com.

Have you had a good or bad experience during a visit to the Virgin Islands?  Talk about it here.

4 thoughts on “One tiny step for tourism”

  1. I had a great time while was down there. In fact I’m planning on moving there in a few years, after school. I thought the people were some of the most genuine and friendly I have met anywhere. The only thing I didn’t like about our trip was all the garbage; broken down cars, litter and garbage strewn all over. (St. Thomas).
    I would highly recommend the VI as a vacation place. A little time to clean up the island would go a long way.

  2. Frank,
    We just got back from the VI again. Our routine has now become . . . stay on ST Croix (for over 1/2 the price) and enjoy much better food and extremely better service. Then maybe go over and “visit” STJ.
    We did venture over to STJ and did the beaches for one day/night. Although it is beautiful and the fireworks were great, we like STX much better. We sailed on the Kindred Spirit out of St Croix on a 3 day sail. We went into town 1 time and tried to walk the booths at Carnival. After witnessing two different “exterme” verbal confrontations between vendors (police were called in on one of them), we elected to go back out and stay on the boat until after the fireworks show Monday night and then motored over to Maho Bay for the night. I have worked at Maho Camps and love the island . . . . but like many others, I am loosing my desire to actually stay on the island. The islands are definitley better enjoyed from a boat in my opinion. Forget the taxi mafia and all that jazz. Just my experience and opinion.

  3. @ J Bailey – welcome to the islands Mon! I have sailed & traveled many islands in the Caribbean from Grenada up to the Abacos. Trust me when I say St. John is one of the cleanest. I am not saying it is right. There just isn’t the facilities to dispose of items like we have in the states.

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