Caneel conspiracy on Yelp?

Over the weekend, The Inquiring Iguana was mousing around Yelp, the Web site that's a resource for reviews of US businesses. including hotels, and restaurants.

There was a blurb indicating a new review had been posted for Caneel Bay Resort. Unusual, since until recently only two had been written; one in December, the other in April.  Both were positive. Here's a screen shot.



But the new review, not so good.


When the Iguana clicked on it, there was no 'there' there.  No review.  Whatever Larry L said, well you'll never know.

Then Monday morning, The Iguana again tried to find the review.  No dice.  Larry L had been shut down by the Yelp police.

Anything suspicious going on here?  Probably not, although some have accused Yelp ad sales people of heavy-handed tactics, i.e. 'extortion'.  Conspiracy theorists might wonder that if Caneel was an advertiser on Yelp, negative reviews of the resort might be suppressed. 

But anyone who's spent a week, a weekend, or an afternoon at Caneel is certain to tell you the place is luxurious and magnificent.  You do get what you pay for.

And, most likely, Larry L IS a phony.

2 thoughts on “Caneel conspiracy on Yelp?”

  1. Caneel reviews are generally either great or very much not, with the latter most always from guests looking for glitz. Caneel IS magnificent, but like the rest of St. John it’s the locale that makes it so. Folks expecting a Caribbean Ritz or St. Regis are apt to be disappointed. Nobody likes a bad rap, but Caneel is simply not the right place for some. St. John too…and that’s just fine.

  2. Couldn’t agree with you more, TM, as we have visited Caneel off and on (mostly on) since it was Caneel Bay Plantation way back in 1966. Part of the problem, we believe, has to do with the slick job Rosewood does with their marketing photos and dialog. Take a look at their brochure and they obviously have the picture-perfect room with fresh flowers, champagne bucket and frilly sheets. Folks buy this advertising and when they arrive are horrified to find rather outdated rooms and, God forbid, a couple of bugs. Then, they write a scathing review someplace. Oh, well, at least the beach and water photos are real! Thanks.

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