One Day Left to WIN “Two Tickets to Paradise!”

One Day Left to WIN “Two Tickets to Paradise!”

Good Morning and Happy Fri-Yay!  The Island Green Living Association’s “Two Tickets to Paradise” fundraiser ends tonight at midnight!  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to win an all-inclusive St. John vacation for two, valued at over $10,000….Head over to their site and get your tickets today.  Or, read on to find out more about this amazing organization and the even more amazing prize package they have put together for one lucky winner that may be YOU!

Firstly, guys and gals, I want to say THANK YOU for supporting this fundraiser!  Twenty four hours after the first article we posted, ticket sales were at $25k.  That’s alllllll you guys and I want to say thank you!  The current total on ticket sales is $98k with about fifteen hours left for them to hit their goal of $150k.  Think we can raise $52k in the final hours?  Challenge Accepted!

One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 1

Island Green’s many projects have been outlined in the previous articles promoting this fundraiser.  This necessary organization is at the forefront of all things green and sustainable on St. John.  I remember moving here from Colorado in 2012 and being astonished at the amount of plastic waste at each and every bar and restaurant.  And the “OMG, they don’t recycle here?!?” thoughts that went through my head.  In almost nine years, St. John has come A LONG way in the transition to being a more sustainable and eco friendly island.  And Island Green Living has A LOT to do with that forward motion.

One huge problem we have on island is STUFF. When you’re done with it, where do you put it?  That couch, chair or table that you want to upgrade?  It goes to the dump.  The 47 forks that somehow made their way into your silverware drawer?  To the dump.  The pots and pans that you can finally afford to replace?  To the dump.  It’s a huge problem.  Let me tell you that I became a pack rat after moving here because I didn’t just want to throw things AWAY.  I think about where it goes and, well, “eventually the ocean” is not an acceptable answer in my mind with its perpetual hamster wheel turning round and round 🙂

One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 2
Susannaberg Transfer Station – Photo by Amy Roberts

Island Green Living Association has a beautiful solution to this problem!  The ReSource Depot is St. John’s one and only second hand store.  Now, instead of taking your lightly used items to the dump, you can drop them off with the crew at the ReSource Depot on Gifft Hill and turn your trash into another person’s treasure!  And, everything sold at the Island Green thrift store directly funds the organization and their very necessary programs geared towards sustainability and environmental awareness and education on St.John.

One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 3
Happy Shoppers at the ReSource Depot

If you don’t have anything to donate, that’s fine…Swing by anyway.  We all love a good treasure hunt.  And you never know what you’ll find at the ReSource Depot!  This second hand outlet has kept more than 500,000 pounds of “trash” out of the dump and has facilitated the repurposing of these items. Stop by Wednesday 8-4 or Thursday-Saturday 9-2 to drop off your lightly used household goods, construction materials, tools, furniture, working appliances or clothing or simply swing by to find your next treasure!

One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 4

What’s that they say?  Re-Using is the most important R!  A minimal carbon footprint that keeps trash out of the landfill…Win win win.

Oh, and while you’re there, stop by the recycling center and crush some cans.  YES, we recycle on St. John.  Island Green accepts aluminum cans only at present but they are making moves towards expanding that operation in the future.  With the great seltzer revolution on the rise (HA!) cans are a LARGE portion of the waste on island.  But you won’t find collection sites in very many places as of yet.  So, keep your cans separate throughout the week or weeks that you are visiting and swing by to see the operation, drop off your cans and volunteer to crush some yourself on your last day!  It is a great way to easily give back a bit for that amazing vacation you just experienced on St. John 🙂

One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 5
Can Crushing Volunteers….Hard at work and having fun!

The recycling center is located in the same spot as the ReSource Depot so you can also get a little last minute trinket shopping in while you’re there.  Oh, and the dollars raised from these raffle tickets may make it easier to find a recycling bin site the next time you’re here!  So, back to that raffle….

One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 6

So, the ticket sales close out at midnight TONIGHT.  Tickets are $50 each or six tickets for $250 and can be purchased online only at Island Green’s website.

One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 7
Spend a bucket list day at Lovango in a poolside cabana!

This AMAZING prize package includes an “All Inclusive” trip for two to St. John featuring:

  • Airline ticket voucher up to $1000
  • A seven night stay  for two at Gallow’s Point Resort in a spacious one bedroom condo in the heart of Cruz Bay
  • One week car rental
  • Exquisite cuisine vouchers from The Terrace, Morgan’s Mango and Ocean 362 ($200 for each restaurant)
  • Breakfast and smoothies for two at Colombo’s Smoothie Shack
  • Two spots on a Kekoa group sunset sail with open bar and  hors d’ oeuvres.
  • Private Sunset Sail on Sailing Asante for two with drinks and a charcuterie plate.
  • Half Day trip on Salt Deck for two including a souvenir hat & cup for the winning couple and lunch for two at Lime Out
  • Day trip to Lovango Cay Resort & Beach Club to enjoy their beach club and seaside luxury including a private cabana, ferry transportation and a welcome bottle of Champagne.
  • An optional two-hour curated nature hike exploring the indigenous and rare flora and fauna with renowned environmentalist and ecologist Dr. Gary Ray and Dr. David Minner.
One Day Left to WIN "Two Tickets to Paradise!" 8
Kekoa sunset sail

Don’t miss out!  Get your tickets today!  The raffle closes at midnight tonight and the drawing will take place on Island Green’s Facebook page on Wednesday, May 5…Oh, that’s Cinco de Mayo!  Some lucky winner out there will be having some celebratory mid-day margaritas! Ha!

Follow along on their Facebook page for the announcement of the time for the live stream and announcement of the winner…We will post the winners here, as well as the video of the drawing, on Thursday, May 6.

Good Luck Everyone!


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