Not a buyer? You’re a builder?

St. John Dreams is under construction, and you can read all about it on Betty's blog.

"Hiring new carpenters/masons to finish our house and some much-needed rest from our project, we are now back, full steam ahead!," she wrote this week.

One of the standout items of the property, high above Chocolate Hole and looking toward St. Thomas, is the ceiling. "You can see how the ceiling wood is going down the walls to the top of the sliding glass doors and window. We will have stone and shell columns going between each door."

"I am starting to see the finish line!!

6 thoughts on “Not a buyer? You’re a builder?”

  1. Thank you for plug Frank, just want to clear up a few errors,
    1) I said on the Virgin Islands Forum that I would be posting about 5 times a week.
    2) We look over Chocolate Hole and have a view from the end of St Thomas to St Croix, fabulous winter sunsets.
    3) Colleen I am putting Cork floors for the interior, not bamboo 🙂
    Thank you for reading!

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