No More Plastic at Starfish

starfish logoWe have some pretty fantastic news from Starfish Market and Starfish Gourmet & Wines today. In an effort to help preserve our gorgeous environment here on St. John, they will no longer be using plastic bags. Beginning this Friday, which happens to be Earth Day, both will officially switch to paper bags only … kudos Starfish!

Here’s what Nedra Ephraim, the store manager, had to say about the upcoming change:

“With this new environmental push, Starfish Market and Starfish Gourmet & Wines will be at the forefront in helping to maintain the beauty of our island and surrounding waters. We hope all of our customers will support us in this effort as we make the switch to paper bags only.”

For those of you interested in reusable bags, Starfish will be selling reusable bags at cost from April 19th through April 30th. And for customers who prefer paper bags with handles, they will be sold individually at the register for 25 cents apiece.

9 thoughts on “No More Plastic at Starfish”

  1. BRAVO Starfish! For the last 5 years I have been packing re-usable bags in my luggage. I urge other’s to do the same.

  2. Thank you Nedra & Starfish Market for doing the right thing for our island! Reusable bags have been for sale at Starfish and I encourage every Villa owner and Jeep rental company to keep a few in the villa/jeep for guests to use as well. We dont currently recycle paper bags here on island either so even better to use reusable ones!

  3. Great news! We are on island now so I will definitely be buying one of their bags I too travel with reusable bags and am glad to read that others do as well. They aren’t just for groceries either!

  4. We are keeping with the times on one issue. Thank you Starfish. So much more to do but this is a right step. Would be nice to keep a few boxes that product comes in at the front of store for those that want to reuse to carry groceries home and then carry trash to dump saving even more plastic from being consumed.

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