A Taste of St. John this Tuesday…

We get a lot of great videos sent to us by News of St. John readers, and this one is no exception. Ben Smith, who lives in Charleston, South Carolina, sent it to us, and we really think you’re going to like it. He and his wife Schanen filmed it last month after researching the Virgin Islands for a number of years. If you can turn your sound up, please do. If not, you’ll still like the scenery. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “A Taste of St. John this Tuesday…”

  1. Great video & song. This is an amazing place. The intro is well done and if you have never backed on to the barge, you just won’t get it

  2. Good video
    Wish there were more videos out there without music dubbed over them. Its nice to actually hear the sounds of STJ…surf, birds, Cruz Bay bars, etc. I need a Go-Pro before my next trip…

  3. Thank for sharing this great video! It brought me right to the beach and that beautiful, clear blue water. I’m with TS…I think I need a Go-Pro.

  4. After spending my honeymoon on Maho 3 years ago, seeing this video made me want to go back! I can smell the salt air now…..
    Thank you for a beautiful video!

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