No deal for Maho Bay Camps land

Map(Map courtesy of Google Earth.)

Negotiations between a non-profit group and the owners the Maho Bay Campsland have ended.  

The outlook for the Trust For Public Land to make a deal with Giri Giri Corp for the 14 acres has dimmed, according to John Garrison, the area director for the Trust.  
He offered this update during remarks at the most recent meeting of St. John Rotary and were reported by the St. John Source.

Nonetheless, Garrison said talks could resume.  He described the situation as "dynamic," the Source reported.

As for good news, Garrison said 18 acres of land above Maho Bay have been donated to the National Park. He estimated the value of the land, given by an anonymous donor, at $9 million.  Because of the property's zoning as residential, Garrison said as many as three dozen houses could have been built there. 

The land is on the north side of Mamey Peak Road. A neighborhood resident told the Source the land gift, "means that when you're at Maho Bay, you'll never see houses."

5 thoughts on “No deal for Maho Bay Camps land”

  1. Boy oh boy these landowners must really want a fortune; they have been trying to sell for quite a while now. Time to lower the price and move on.

  2. Rosi- How much time? what else can you say here or direct me to more info, please? Thanks, much appreciated.
    I was just @ Maho, back from 25 yrs ago. It is such a unique bay set, Cinnamon to Francis, I am totally in love with it now.

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