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Even  though it's a small island, there's a lot to see on St. John.  Guidebooks help you find the secret beaches, challenging hiking trails, and the best bars. Here are some ideas, available from Amazon.com. (NewsofStJohn.com will get a small commission if you buy using our links.  All commissions will be passed along to the St. John Animal Care Center.)

DestinationDestination (TM) St. John

Hand-picked information by passionate travel industry insiders. You'll find recommendations for sightseeing, gems of restaurants, with a special focus on local cuisine, and specialty shops for local crafts, food and gifts.  Kindle-only.  $2.99. Go to Amazon.com.

Mingo's Cave Mingos
By Chuck Ball 

Adventure in the Caribbean. The reader gets to meet quirky island characters, search for hidden treasure, ride along on dangerous boat excursions, learn about the destruction of an Eco-sensitive camp, and seek revenge for a senseless murder. Kindle-only. Nine five-star reviews. $3.99. Go to Amazon.com.

Desiring Paradise
By Karin W. Schlesinger (Oct 2003)

The author is half of the team which owns Tropical Focus Photography.  This is the true story of two New Englanders who followed their dream. Despite obstacles and setbacks at every turn,they moved to St. John in the US Virgin Islands to start a new life. The book provides valuable insights for anyone who has ever thought about doing the same. Paperback, from $9.50.  18 five-star reviews. Go to Amazon.com.

Snorkel St. John
By Jill and Jim Burt

St. John, US Virgin Islands is a small, isolated island in the Caribbean with numerous snorkeling sites off its
shores. Several of the most enjoyable sites are described in this book with  Don'tstopdetailed directions for finding each. Underwater photos of fish and coral off St. John are included. Two five-star reviews. Paperback. $11.99. Go to Amazon.com

Must-haves for any St. John-lover's bookshelves:

3 thoughts on “Gift ideas: Books”

  1. Don’t forget “TALES OF ST JOHN”. This is always my favorite. Short stories based on St. John and other VI’s by many talented writers, it is a book I can read over and over!
    Great beach book.

  2. You may remember The Canvas Factory’s last owners, Tom and Rae Ellen. In the next 2 months, watch for my humorous memoir about life on St. John and the events surrounding Tom’s new gender identity. Adding heat to the story are a cast of colorful cats, customers, and Caribbean personalities. Toss in a few sex toys, some steel pan music a pinch of voodoo. . . and stir. MY NEXT HUSBAND WILL BE NORMAL will launch prior to the Gifft Hill Gala/Auction on March 10, at which I’ll be the featured writer. Yes, there are risks to living in paradise one cannot anticipate!!!

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