News of St. John’s Denis Bay Story Appears in NY Daily News

Ok, this is pretty exciting. I received a “News of St. John” Google alert this morning and check out what I found – Our recent story about the Denis Bay property appeared today in the New York Daily News.

Daily News Article
Screenshot of the blurb in the July 28, 2013 online edition.

The blurb is titled “Interior Designer Cited for Outdoor Mess in U.S.V.I.” and it’s written by Jared McCallister. He briefly mentions our story and how property owner Tony Ingrao was fined.

Read it on the NY Daily News’s site here.

Read our original story posted on July 23, 2013 here.

6 thoughts on “News of St. John’s Denis Bay Story Appears in NY Daily News”

  1. This is a start, but Tony Ingrao can only be brought to some mild form of justice if he is chased from St. John by raging mobs bearing pitchforks and torches. He and people like him are a plague upon the island.

  2. I know Laurance Rockefeller who developed Caneel Bay and donated this land to the Narional Park Services would turn over in his grave if he saw this. I wish he were still alive because he could probably have stopped it.
    My wife and saw t horrible rape of the mountainside in March and could not beleive it was allowed to happen.

  3. Keep this alive Jenn – great work! I grew up in a little town similar to Cruz Bay/Saint John in the mountains of Colorado. We boarded a large National Park … this would never fly there and it shouldn’t fly here. These parks were created for a reason – to protect the land for future generations to enjoy … not destroy.

  4. Please keep on this. Who is getting paid to allow this kind of building in the national park? Any suggestions on who to contact? Our beloved congress is killing the national parks budget.

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