Island Stones is an Island Gem



Island Stones has always been on my shortlist of properties that I’d love to have the opportunity to spend some time at. I’ve always been attracted to villas with incredible outdoor spaces and amazing views (but really, who isn’t). Island Stones is no exception.

If you’re shopping around for an expansive villa with killer views or if you’re simply looking to daydream about the possibilities, please take a moment to check out Island Stones.

Click here to see what makes Island Stones special.

5 thoughts on “Island Stones is an Island Gem”

  1. I booked Island Stones for our group of 12 for February 2014. We usually rent on the South Shore, so this will be a new experience. Can’t wait…It looks beautiful!

  2. Usually stayed at “ISLAND SUN” but it is not available any more. This will be the first for “ISLAND STONES”. Looking forward to it. Be there Sat.

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