New Windmill Bar, Disc Golf, and Crystal Clear Kayaks

New Windmill Bar, Disc Golf, and Crystal Clear Kayaks

It is easy to get consumed by the weekly press conferences by the Governor and changing policies for travel and restaurants that come with the spread of the virus.  But things are beginning to return to a ‘new normal’, venues are opening, and beaches are relatively busy.

There are some updates worth mentioning:

Windmill Bar – There is a new bar opening up called the Windmill Bar.  It is located at Neptune’s Lookout where they have held several music festivals, including VI Jam Fest the last two years.  It includes a bar with the best view on St John, as well as a 9 hole disc golf course!  The Windmill bar Facebook page posted that it would be opening “soon”.  We will do a longer post once it opens to the public.


Maho – Maho Crossroads is open and now offers table service at their picnic tables to comply with the Governor’s Executive Orders and maintain a healthy environment.  They have not been having live music regularly like they did in 2019, but the Echo People have played a few times in recent weeks.   Keep an eye out for them on Sunday afternoons.  You can purchase discounted gift certificates to Maho Crossroads at St John Deals.

The Love Maho store at Crossroads is renting transparent kayaks so that you can see the turtles and other marine life under you while enjoying the exercise.

There have been new speed bumps installed at Maho to encourage cars to slow down when driving so close to the beach.


Trunk and Cinnamon – The beaches are open to the public but the concessions are still closed.  We will report more as we learn more about their timing.

Honeymoon – Bikinis on the Beach has been having live music regularly and has full concessions open.  You can purchase discounted Gift Certificates to VI Ecotours at St John Deals.

The COVID cases continue to slowly increase on St John, but restaurants are open, beaches have visitors, and life is returning to a new normal.  We continue to encourage you to wear your mask and practice safe social distancing.  We are all in this together.

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    • This isn’t really rocket science. But you still don’t have a clue. You see, first the cases increase. Then it’s hospitalizations. Then it’s deaths. So while we have developed some mild therapeutics and we are treating a younger demographic, the 7 day average for death has now increased every day for 23 days in a row. Yesterday, we had 1462 which follows two days with 1696 and 1315. All three of the last three days surpass every day since May 27th. So how’s that weak virus treating you now, Dr. Trump?

  1. Kind of don’t believe your graph. Hospitals in south are full & thousands dying in each state every day. Be very careful people.

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