New Resort Planned for BVI

Norman Island
Norman Island, Sunday afternoon

Hello everyone and happy Monday! We have some shots and sweet “news” for you all today, but I think it’s something many of you will likely be interested in!

Plans were announced last week to create a resort over at neighboring Norman Island. For those of you who aren’t super familiar with Norman Island, it’s the closest British Virgin Island to our east. It’s also the home of Pirate’s Bight, and the popular Caves snorkeling spot.

The resort is described as being “an environmentally conscious, luxury residential and tourist destination.” The plans call to keep half of the island’s 610 acres as green space. According to a release, the resort will have between 20 to 30 hotel rooms, a new restaurant, water sports center, and 75 to 100 residences. Day boaters will continue to be encouraged to visit, as will overnight charters.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited about this one. We will share more details on this as soon as we learn more. In the meantime, have a great week everyone!

9 thoughts on “New Resort Planned for BVI”

  1. good morning,
    please let us know if they find the person who shot the donkeys.
    everyone is very upset.
    thank you and enjoy the island
    Quenton and Jannette

    • Thank you, Quenton. Many of us are beyond upset. I’m sure you’re aware of the other incidents in the last few weeks. We are all waiting to see if there is a proper response.

  2. This is very bad, the entirety of the island is going to be developed. The coastline is going to be totally changed. 50% “green” space means only that it will not be a building or road. It does not mean a protected park like STJ. It could be a lawn or garden to qualify as green space. Sad to see so much development on this beautiful little island.

  3. All is sunny and bright. How about the dark side. In the last month the feral cats outside the ACC were poisoned, over the weekend several donkeys were shot and killed on the island and the best – a dog with a plastic bag over his head was left dead at the ACC. The next step is a person and yes my son is the manager of the ACC and we are worried about the safety of Ryan and his family.

  4. To all my St John Island friends,
    I am sorry and saddened for these losses.

    Always remember Karma:
    Good intent and good deeds contribute to future happiness. Bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad Karma and future suffering.

    This scumbag will pay in one way or the other.

  5. Have contacted Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT about this slaughter.
    They are horrified and are establishing a response.
    Everyone, just keep on making connections and perhaps donations to St. John ACC!!
    So sad, but so aware of all the good people on St. John and globally.
    Hold hands, paws and hoofs ..

  6. I don’t find Norman being developed into a full on resort as good news at all! When I lived in Coral Bay that was always our first stop on a boat day. We could snorkel the caves, hit Willy T and then head to Jost. Now this overpriced resort has forced out the Willy T, and the Caves will be way over crowded with “a holes” who do not even realize how special this gem is. Another beach bar and a few shops would be cool, but this will spoil the island!

  7. Also, (with the topography) the runoff from clearing the vegetation, construction and building of roads will add large amounts of sediment to the water. This will damage/kill coral, and of course cloud the water thus hurting the allure of Norman! Richard above is correct. Oh, PS:. I do love your site Jen, and thanks for all you do:). This is not good…just like a Coral Bay marina was not.

    • No worries. We can agree to disagree. 🙂 The difference, in my opinion, is that Norman is a privately owned island. It can be developed however the owner chooses. I like the idea that we will have another place to check out in the area.

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