New Mexican Restaurant Coming to Cruz Bay

Art at Greengo’s San Juan

Well folks, we have another new restaurant slated to open on St. John. And I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about this one.

Greengo’s Caribbean Cantina plans to open a location right in Cruz Bay. From what we hear, the new place will open sometime this summer, although nothing official has been announced.

Greengo’s currently has two locations – one in St. Thomas and another in San Juan. They have very good food, as well as a very extensive tequila selection. They even have a fun little tequila club.

Here’s a little bit about Greengo’s straight from its website:
This fine cuisine coupled with our various unique and mouth-watering libations are reasons enough to visit Greengo’s for your next meal, but it’s the breathtaking ambience which gives Greengo’s an authentic cantina feel and makes our guests feel right at home—as though they’re in Grandma Maria’s house! (Well, if Maria really, REALLY liked tequila. And big flat-screened TVs..)

Each location features unique jaw-dropping art with a focus on calacas–or the skull and skeleton images famously conspicuous on “el dia de los muertos”, or “the day of the dead”, celebrated by Americans as Halloween.

We’re not exactly sure where they plan to open, but you’ll let you all know as soon as we do. In the meantime, you can check out their website at www.greengoscantina.com to learn more.

13 thoughts on “New Mexican Restaurant Coming to Cruz Bay”

  1. What happened to the other Mexican restaurant chain, Pena ?, that was reported to be opening in Cruz Bay. Did they change their mind?

  2. I live on St. John, 5 years now. I am from New Mexico and am actually here visiting my family for 2 weeks. So I open “News of St. John” and read, in my mind, “New Mexican” restaurant opening. I was overjoyed…until I realized…. New “Mexican” restaurant!! LOL!

  3. This post contains my favorite NOSJ rhetorical device: “I have to admit.”

    It’s in like every other post, and that enthusiasm is what I love about St. John in the first place.

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