Angel’s Rest Named Top Extravagant Bar

angels rest
Angel’s Rest – the US Virgin Islands’ only floating bar – was recently named one of the world’s top extravagant secluded island bars … how cool is that??!!

Supercall, an online publication that celebrates cocktails and culture, just released its best tropical bars list and named Angel’s Rest to the list. Congrats Peter! Here’s what they had to say:

There’s nothing more relaxing than sipping a frozen beverage or cold beer while watching the waves roll in on a beautiful beach. But oftentimes, oceanfront bars get overly crowded, which kind of spoils those sought-after, tranquil beach bum vibes. Fortunately, there are plenty of secluded beach bars around the world whose stunning and secluded locations also prevent large crowds. Far from the hustle and bustle, these tropical hideaways offer refuge from everyday life with cold drinks and beautiful scenery.

And specifically about Angel’s Rest:

Helmed by Captain Peter Hoschl, Angel’s Rest is a 40-foot pontoon boat bar that floats off the shore of St. John’s East End. Swim or boat up to the bar, where you can enjoy a variety of cooling beverages like an icy beer or the captain’s famous rum punch.

Angel’s Rest has become our “home away from home” of sorts ever since we launched News of St. John Tours. We’ve been visiting Peter several times a week and our guests have been having a blast. In fact, we’re headed out there again today!

So the next time you’re on St. John, make sure to swing by Angel’s Rest out in Haulover Bay. And if you need help getting there, we would be happy to take you!

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