New Ferry to St. Croix to Begin Mid-June

St. Croix

Back in September, we told you how the government was looking to bring back ferry service between St. Thomas and St. Croix. Well it seems that a prominent businessman from St. Croix has taken matters into his own hands and is about to launch a new ferry service himself.

Warren Mosler, a well known businessman who ran for public office three times, has spent nearly $2 million of his own money to create the QE4, a new vessel that’s expected to begin ferrying passengers between the two island in mid-June. According to the VI Consortium, the ferryboat is capable of holding up to 90 passengers, however they plan to install only 52 seats inside and a few outside. The QE4 will get passengers between islands in about one-and-a-half to two hours, traveling at 22 knots per hour.

According to the VI Consortium, “The ferryboat is a concept that Mr. Mosler himself is excited to see work. Mr. Difede called it a “crazy but cool” concept, and credited Mr. Mosler’s love for the Virgin Islands that would cause him to expend near $2 million to build the QE4 in an attempt to facilitate cheaper travel between the islands.”

Tickets will cost $50 each way, which is far cheaper than the current airfare prices. A test run is expected to take place by the end of the month, and the ferry should be ready by mid-June provided its passes its Coast Guard inspection.

4 thoughts on “New Ferry to St. Croix to Begin Mid-June”

  1. Wondering how much torquing it will see with 6-8 foot waves. The front hulls will hit the wave first abd then the rear. I am sure that the naval engineers have made quite a few calculations on this.
    I remember the Russian Meteor hydro foil with it’s two front and rear foils dancing like mad with the waves hitting it from the side.

  2. Cool. If it’s up and running when we come for Carnival we will use it while we are there. Haven’t visited St Croix since 1994.

  3. It would make much better business sense and longevity if they would have a vehicle and passenger ferry combined in one ferry like in many other parts of the world. Happy Mothers day + God Bless.

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