Joe’s Rum Hut Gets Nice Little Upgrade

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For all of you Joe’s Rum Hut fans out there, you’re going to love this. Your favorite Happy Hour spot just got a sweet little upgrade out on the beach. It now has super cute new beach furniture for you to lounge on while having a cocktail or perhaps while enjoying one of our incredible sunsets here on St. John. Check it out…

joes rum hut from beach

beach furniture water joes rum hut

new furniture beach joes rum hut

What do you think? Looks pretty nice, right?

For those of you unfamiliar with Joe’s Rum Hut, it’s located right on the beach on Cruz Bay and is known for its Happy Hour. From 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. everyday, you can get whatever drink you want for only $3. Not a bad deal if you ask us.

joes happy hour sign

corona joes rum hut

And once that’s done, stick around for the sunset. Here’s a pic we snapped last night:

joes rum hut sunset

9 thoughts on “Joe’s Rum Hut Gets Nice Little Upgrade”

  1. The Hut is a wonderful place to just chill , new furniture looks great and I look forward to sitting my ass in those chairs and just chillin! See you the 16-25 of May, rain rain go away come back the end of may!!

  2. To bad it is completely illegal for Joe to be doing this> He does NOT own the beach and cannot operate his business on Publicly owned property. He has received citations from Licensing about this but just pays the fines and keeps on doing it.

    It is yet another example of people that do not play by the rules but get away with it because they have influence an d lots of money.

    • Actually, Joe does own the beach. He purchased both the land and the buildings last month. And there was always furniture on the beach – this is simply an upgrade. There has been furniture on the beach for years – both at Joe’s and Beach Bar.

      • No he doesn’t own the beach – he only owns to abut 15 feet above the high water mark – which is almost exactly where the Wharside building begins. The rest of the beach belongs to the public – you and me. No to a private individual.
        all beaches in the VI are public. And Licensing is the only authority that can determine where a business can operate and no one – Joe or Beach Bar or Drink has permission to operate on the beach 0- and never has. Wharfside has been around for a very long time and no business has EVER been permitted to have tables on the beach unless the got a special event permit. Check with Licensing if you do not believe me. It is illegal and Joe knows it.

        And isn’t this the same site that got upset when someone else told the public they could not have access to his beach? But it is OK if Joe takes over the public beach? How does that work?

      • We were just there and witnessed the debut of the new chairs. Very nice, appropriate and great color. I love that place! Hang out, have a few drinks on the beach. What more can you ask for…
        All the best to the new owners! You have a special place there…

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