New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight

New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 1

Well folks, we’re excited to tell you about a new restaurant that’s opening tonight! Dave & Jerry’s Island Steakhouse will open its doors to the public tonight at 5:30 p.m., and we have to say, the place looks great.

We were invited to a soft opening last night, and the food was very good. But please know that this is more of a fine dining steakhouse and the prices match that.

Dave & Jerry’s is located in the old D’Livio’s location, which is below Cruz Bay Hotel and across the street from De Coal Pot and Lime Inn. The space has been completely renovated, and I absolutely love the look. Check out a few pics:

New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 2

New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 3

New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 4
New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 5

Doesn’t it look fabulous??!!

And here are a few menu pics (sorry about the terrible image quality here!):
New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 6

New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 7

New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 8

New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight 9

Dave & Jerry’s is open Monday through Saturday. They will offer happy hour specials from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Dinner is from 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. For more information, please visit daveandjerrys.com

10 thoughts on “New Cruz Bay Steakhouse Opening Tonight”

  1. Looks to be very nice – very upscale pricing – have to wonder what segment of the STJ population it is marketed to – the local economy must be doing Much Better than the rest of the USVI.

  2. I have never had the courage or appetite to order a Tomahawk Ribeye but at 32 ounces it would feed my family of 4 comfortably. With a couple of sides and sauces and of course a couple of desserts to share we might have to give it a try.

    Even at our favorite steakhouse here at home we often split the steaks. I wonder if there is a split charge?

  3. Amish chicken!?!? Being from the heart of PA Amish country, I roll my eyes at this label every time I see it.

    I like the look of the menu very much (aside from the silly chicken name) but it’s not my type of vacation dining.

  4. Jenn, thanks so much for your post. I’ve been keeping an eye on them and noticed the bar was open the other night. We had most reservations made for our two week stay but we’re leaving a couple nights open for them. So glad you took pics of the menu. We will pass this time around. They will need to first earn those very high prices IMHO. They are now the most expensive restaurant on island by far. And during our 2 weeks we are eating twice each at EVB (the best), Morgan’s Mango, La Tapa and also at The Terrace, 18’64, Ocean 362 and Lime Inn.
    Hope they can live up to their prices. I’ll get my rib eye at EVB for much less and be just as happy! (Actually the rib eye at Ocean 362 was excellent the other night).

  5. I was raised in PA too, ate lots of Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine and have lived in the VI over 40 + years with Caribbean cuisine — at $35 for a half Amish Chicken the remaining chickens in both locales would be rejoicing at their reprieve.

  6. Hi Dave and Jerry! The restaurant looks amazing! The menu looks wonderful as well. I agree with others that your pricing is pretty aggressive for a start up. I know what you are offering is really top notch and hard to get here. If you guys could scale it back a bit until we can see your consistency (which is hard to do here for a lot of reasons) I think that would be better accepted. Best wishes.

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