Nation’s Newspaper likes St. John for 2nd homes

UsatUSA TODAY gave a big, wet kiss to St. John and the U.S,. Virgin Islands in an article headlined, "Second homes: A peaceful, protected corner of the Caribbean." 

At a time when the Multiple Listing Service is overflowing, the newspaper's special correspondent Larry Olmstead wrote, the VI's have "all the things people love about the (Caribbean) — warm, sunny weather, clear turquoise waters and sandy beaches — along with the things they love about home: the English language, U.S. laws and political stability."

St. John is described as 'more rural and wild' than the other islands. "The limited supply of homes means St. John is more expensive," the newspaper said. "Condos begin at more than $250,000, and most are more than $500,000. Houses range from $300,000 to $32 million."

The article is illustrated by a Steve Simonsen photo of St. Croix's Buck Island. Read the story at http://www.usatoday.com/travel/destinations/secondhomes/2009-08-06-us-virgin-islands_N.htm

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