Spectacular sunset photos

Many visitors were kind enough to send long their shots of sunsets.  
These are some of them.

 "Here’s one of my favorite sunrise shots taken from the top of the road over to Privateer."

Andrew Burnett, Portland Oregon.

USVI Jan. 2007 02

"Here's my favorite sunset shot (btw, using most of Scott's suggestions)."

Taken from ZoZo's on St. John looking to St. Thomas, 2007.  

Russ Davis, McLean, Va.



"Nothing spectacular, but this was taken with an iPhone on the last ferry heading into Cruz Bay."

Jeff Fisher


"From Cinnamon Bay, technically just after sunset (1994), but……"

Michael Milton Mendick


"Here's a sunset photo I took from Gallows Point."

Susan Mathias


"From Caneel, March 2011"

C. Hudson


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