More St. John businesses for sale

Two of the island's oldest businesses are making new efforts to sell by listing themselves on Craigslist

Folks who have the dream of living full-time on St. John have a number of choices of how to do it.  Owning a business is one of them.  Understanding, of course, that running a business is a full-time job, which may leave less time for sunning on the beach than you might wish for.

While starting a business is always possible, buying an operation that's up and running and generating cash might be a better way to go – if you're willing to learn and work (there's that word again!).

Katilogo KatiLady, catering service in Paradise, specializes in supplying prepared meals, welcome baskets, and private chefs to private villa owners or vacationers.  Operated by Katherine Steinborn, the business grew from her home into to a full scale commercial kitchen.  Asking price is $199,000.



The store sells clothing, hand-crafted musical instruments, home decor, and Caribbean art.  The Craigslist offering emphasizes that this may be the business for an owner who likes tax deductible travel. "Buying trips may involve (visits) to Asia, Africa, India and South America," the Craigslist ad says.

3 thoughts on “More St. John businesses for sale”

  1. Interesting!! Is website, trade name and goodwill worth 199K. I’m looking at the inventory and would have thought if that was included it might be worth something. Nothing against a good company, but where do they get these numbers they want.

  2. I was able to sell both “FreeBird” and “Verace” by not being greedy, working with the new owners, and offering 2 of the most successful stores to ever grace St. John in the past 2-3 decades. When an Owner wants out, there is ALWAYS a way to sell if patients and intelligence prevail. I got to retire at 54 by NOT being greedy. Funny how it all works in the opposite way. Good Luck to all owners and buyers.

  3. You can buy a business but how do you buy the taste that goes into a store like Bamboula? I guess in the end you are buying the lease.

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