More seen and “scene” reports

  • Bob said, "with family on beach at Caneel in 1997. Coach of green bay packers also in 1997, forgot his name. 2003 saw TV crew from TLC a Wedding story on AT&T and STJ. Bill Clinton. Forget year. "
  • William Rini "saw Val Kilmer twice – both at Caneel Bay’s beach bar and at La Tapa."
  • Michele was on island in May 2002, "sitting on the beach at the Westin when Lars Ulrich (drummer from Metallica) and son Miles come walking down the beach. He starts talking to my husband. I knew who he was, but my husband did not. When Lars realized that my husband did not know who he was, he sat down on the chair next to us and continued to talk to my husband about the island, beaches, etc. while his son played in the sand."
  • Joan Streck: "I saw Denzel Washington at Caneel Bay in March 2006, he was walking up the path from Cottage 7, just wished each other a "Good Day"
  • LeAnne said, "In 2003 my hubby and I saw Russell Crow strolling in front of Mongoose!"

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