More Great Stuff Happening on St. John

Cancer Fund Donation I love St. John. Actually I love, love, love St. John. I have never lived anywhere in the world where the community comes out in such force to support worthy causes.

Take last Friday, for example. Our friends over at Woody’s held their annual Save the Coconuts block party. And you know what? That one night raised $17,184 for the St. John Cancer Fund … how amazing is that??!!

And then last month we had the Love City Car Show. It was only the events second year, but they had a great turnout. That event was able to donate $643 to the Love City Pan Dragons. Every little bit helps. 🙂

Pan Dragon Donation

And then we can’t forget our raffle that was held last month. From that and because of all of you, we were able to buy 10 feral cat traps for the ACC, and we’ve already donated $3,000 to the ACC and $3,000 to St. John Rescue. We still have funds left that we’re attempting to donate to the Sprauve School … if they’d only call us back.

So a HUGE thank you to all of you for supporting our wonderful charities here on St. John. Thank you to Woody’s for holding such a great event. Thank you St. John Cancer Fund for all that you do. Thank you Jay Swartley and the organizers of the Love City Car Show for holding such a fun event. And thank you Love City Pan Dragons for always making me smile every time I hear you all … you’re all fantastic!!

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