Mongoose Junction Is On Fire

This truly breaks our heart to write – Mongoose Junction is currently on fire.

The fire began more than an hour ago in the area near The Beauty Lounge. We heard it may have started as a dryer fire, however that has not been confirmed. Mongoose Junction has been evacuated and people are asked to stay away from the area. We’ve heard that at least two business have been destroyed, but again, no official confirmation. No injuries have been reported.

Here is a video sent to us by Mat Vacharat, owner of St. John Catering:

Here is another video:


Image credit: St. John Tradewinds News
Image credit: St. John Tradewinds News
Image credit: St. John Tradewinds News
Image credit: St. John Tradewinds News

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33 thoughts on “Mongoose Junction Is On Fire”

  1. Praying for all my STJ People! It’s so hard to see this happening from so far away and not being able to be there to support ones in need in such desperate times. I truly hope no one was injured and that everything works out for the best.

  2. From FaceBook St. John Beach Bum–The fire is far worse than it originally seemed. Several businesses, including Tap Room, Caravan, Ocean Grill, and Beauty Lounge, appear to have been destroyed. Others likely sustained substantial damage.
    It appears that what began as a relatively modest fire spiraled out of control when fire trucks ran out of water. Local water trucks were brought in to refill the fire engines, but not before a significant amount of damage occurred.

  3. How aweful! I’m so sad as stopping at Mongoose junction for morning coffee and beach lunch to go is our daily vacation ritual.
    Gosh i feel bad for all the businesses and the employees!

  4. Just devastating to learn that there was a fire today in Mongoose Junction which damaged several of the business of our friends and neighbors. We know how much work it is to create a business here, and send our thoughts and prayers. So glad that no one was hurt, and that the Fire Department was able to contain the damage so that Virgin Fire Grill and Sun Dog Cafe were not seriously effected. We are open for business tonight. The show must go on, for our staff and our guests and that includes Inner Visions Reggae from 6 to 9 at Virgin Fire Grill.

    I’m sure we’ll all be getting together to give a lift to the effected business and we will be a part of that effort. Thank you News of St. John for getting the word out.

    • I hope you donate all of tonight’s ring towards starting a fund for those affected by this unfortunate turn of events, Michael. Otherwise, it may seem to some like shameless self promotion in the face of tragedy.

    • Really…..Michael… How tasteless to pimp your business at a time like this !!!
      I sure hope you are the one leading the fund raiser for the folks affected otherwise you have just put a “bad taste” in a lot of peoples mouths….tisk…tisk

  5. Our thought’s and prayers go out to Cheech and great staff at Tap Room… Hang in there!… God’s speed on rebuild!

  6. So relieved that no one was hurt, but my heart breaks for some of my favorite STJ shopkeepers. And those lost treasures @ Caravan! Prayers for all. Concerned about “running out of water,” which is only likely to be more and more common, yes?

  7. This is so sad. We had our first vacation to St. John this last year and the Tap room was one of our favorite stops. I am so sorry to learn of this and hope that everyone is able to recover and hope that there were no injuries.

  8. Tim, Kevin, Cheech, We r following you from here in Auburn. Devastated to hear of this fire. Good luck with recovery. We are eagerly looking for more details as they emerge. St John is so special, I know your friends and neighbors will band together to help you. I remember when we were there during a hurricane and the next morning everyone was out rebuilding with gusto! Good luck! It will soon be better than ever and we’ll have an excuse to go down and see you all!

  9. This is just second hand scuttlebutt from a neighbor who was unable to move her car from Mongoose for much of the day during the fire suppression, but she claimed that it took a full 45 minutes for the fire department to arrive, in part due to a nonsensical lack of a verified street address (?!?), and that once they did arrive, their water truck didn’t “run out of water”; it was empty or nearly empty from the start. If this is all true, there is a glaring problem with the Cruz Bay FD, and had they been able to respond promptly and professionally, the damage could have been much less.

    All the best,


    • I don’t know how long it took but it seemed like forever. Yes, I called and said there was a fire was at Mongoose Junction. They called back and said they could not come till they had the name of a business. Lots of frustration during he day, but thankfully no one was hurt.

    • The nonsense u ppl talk is really sickening. Number one Mr Mc Carty where were u. When u hv ppl saying our trucks didnt hv water in them or we didnt respond professionally I say come and do this job for your informant did they assist in anyways or did they just worry about the trucks and how much water was in them. Find out the procedure before u all talk nonsense. Im a firefighter and I take my job serious u insensitive idiots.

  10. Talked to Cid at Connections. She doesn’t do facebook and asked me to post that we can use the St. John Revolving Fund for donations to MJ employees affected by the fire. STRF is a 501 c3 so donations will be tax deductible. Checks payable to St. John Revolving fund ONLY with note as to which biz you’d like to donate. Cid is compiling business list and I will post tomorrow. Take to connections or mail to PO Box 37. 00831. PLEASE REPOST. More info tomorrow, if you need it!
    Big hugs to my St. John family on and off island. PLEASE REPOST

  11. Grab your shovels, buckets, trucks and help clean up. Glen and Radha have silently done so much for so many so the beauty that was will blossom again from the hearts of many who know what special treasures were lost. St. John is an amazing community that comes together in times of real need. Remember to maintain your clothes dryers. This doesn’t mean just cleaning out the lint traps but making sure the VENTS are cleaned out as well and don’t overload them!

  12. really sorry to see such a great place go up in smoke. What is really sad is the piss poor response from the so called fire dept. your firemen are a disgrace to all committed fire depts. maybe you should try maintaining your equipment better. Really sad.

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