An Update on Mongoose Junction

fire 1

Like many of you, I watched in shock yesterday as a fire tore through a section of Mongoose Junction. I had just traveled up to the States and felt completely helpless watching businesses that we all know and love get destroyed from afar. I hopped on the first flight I could and arrived back on island this morning. I just left Mongoose Junction, and this is what I saw…

The Tap Room and The Beauty Lounge have substantial damage.

tap room 1

tap room 2

tap room 3

beauty lounge 1

beauty lounge 2

fire 2

Ocean Grill received little damage, which was confirmed by its owner.

ocean grill

North Shore Deli and The Brewtique appear to have sustained heavy water damage.

fire 3

As of this morning, all of the businesses in and around the area of The Tap Room and Ocean Grill are closed including Caravan Gallery, Sugarbirds, The Fabric Mill, Portico, North Shore Deli, The Brewtique, R&I Patton, Friends of the Park Store, Just Beach and Scoops. Businesses on the other side of Mongoose Junction including Big Planet and Sun Dog Cafe remain open.

In addition to the businesses lost, there are a number of residents who are now unable to work. If you would like to donate to the employees of Mongoose Junction, you can do so through the St. John Revolving Fund.  The Fund 501c3 so donations are tax deductible. Please make checks payable to St. John Revolving Fund and please note which business you intend to donate to. Checks can be dropped off at Connections or mailed to: Connections, PO Box 37, St. John, VI 00831.

13 thoughts on “An Update on Mongoose Junction”

  1. Someone should set up at online was to donate to the St’ John Revolving Fund! Maybe PayPal! I think you would get more donations!

  2. What is the status of Caravan Gallery? I know they are closed but did they also sustain substantial damage? I keep reading conflicting reports on that.

  3. Can you specify support for employees displaced by the Mongoose fire when you donate via PayPal? It does not appear there is a place to specify how to direct your donation on the PayPal interface.

  4. You can specify in Paypal, right under where it says Purpose, it says “Note name of recipient or open donation”. If you click on that, it opens a box where you can specify where the donation should go.

  5. @Mary Beth: Caravan Gallery itself was not damaged except for some smoke and soot. The office (behind the Beauty Lounge) where much of the stock is stored was badly hit, things in there got hot enough to melt all the plastic.
    They’ll reopen but not for a few…days?….weeks? One thing you can be sure of is that all the shops that can will try to get back ASAP. Feb. and Mar. are the absolute peak of the tourist season.

  6. We hope to have electricity restored to Mongoose I on Sunday the 25th. Some stores will reopen then and others on Monday. Much depends on the store location in relation to the Tap Room and the Beauty Lounge. Mongoose Junction has two separate owners and 2 different electrical systems so Mongoose II has been able to remain open.

    Glen Speer, who built Mongoose Junction, and personally fought the fire, spoke of his plans for rebuilding the same day the fire occurred. Mongoose Junction is such a special place …with the beautiful stone work and landscaping and the spirit of St. John. Yes, Alan, some of the plants and trees need to be trimmed of their damage. All the cats are safe.

    We are so grateful for all the support, from on island and afar.

  7. So great to be a part of this community— thanks for all of the love sent our way. Quick status report: Ocean Grill is very close to reopening tonight, Fabric Mill and the Brewtique are looking good, and we’re picking up the pieces. Tap Room will likely do an amazing reinvention, soon come, just to get by while Glen does what Glen does so well: create beauty, which does take time. It’s less clear about the Northshore Deli– there is concern about water damage there. The rest of Mongoose Junction is open, including Sun Dog Cafe and Virgin Fire,and all the shops on the other side of the ghut were untouched, TG.

    All in all, the largest burden is on Glen and Radha, Kevn, Cheech and their staff and we’re hoping the Deli isn’t going to need a serious remodel. Keep them in your thoughts and let’s support them as they find the way forward. Thanks!

  8. Donations donations donations…… WTF These people are now eligible for unemployment. There should be absolutely no reason why they couldn’t receive it. These are times when help from the government is needed. Donations on these islands? LOL $1.00 for you $5.00 for the person collecting.

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