Mixology Warehouse downsizes

The best intentions of Gary Moses have not turned out too successfully.  His second effort to ‘give away’ his Mixology Warehouse, a wholesale/retail liquor business, petered out, again. 

And now Gary’s moved on down the road, or at least out of his first-floor retail space in the LumberyardMixology Warehouse is doing business out of a trailer in the Lumberyard, according to a leasing agent for the space.

Also available in the Lumberyard, is the second-floor location formerly occupied by Chilly Billy’s.  That restaurant closed up in late January. Its ‘for sale’ listing is still online.

18 thoughts on “Mixology Warehouse downsizes”

  1. Gary sounds like a flake. This is the second time he just forgot about his contest. Maybe if he just put it up for sale at a reasonable price instead of trying to make loads of money off it, he might be more successful.

  2. seems that gary was trying to unload a troubled venture. if as much effort was taken to manage mixology as was taken to doop someone, it would really have been worth 350,000. grandma always said, you cant do wrong and it turn out right. shame, shame!!!

  3. Wow. Hhey Gary we would like to know what happened? I saw that your old space at the lumber yard is listed as available…if you didn’t get enough people (8000) you would return the money???!!!??!@@!@?wtf I thought something might be up when I saw the website not updated about the contest ending!!!!

  4. Actually, I thought it was a measly 9000 entry minimum.
    With all of his business acumen you would have thought that he’d just sell it for what it might be worth……..

  5. Well this is too bad. I know my wife wanted to do this contest. After some research it appeared to be a scam, so she didn’t enter. I would have considered buying his business from him for a reasonable multiple of audited financials. It is pretty easy to determine what his business is actually worth. Look at the revenues and profits. Have them audited and then pay a fair muliple thereof. I handle sales like this every day. Fairly straight forward. Again, too bad he moved, as I have no interest in buying a business run from a trailer!

  6. But Paul, that’s the ‘normal’ way of selling a business. The ‘normal’ way isn’t used for those wanting to acquire more than a ‘normal’ business is worth.
    And as your comment about the trailer…..if he owns the trailer, maybe that would be worth the additional value of this ‘normal’ business.
    /just asking????????

  7. Wow, you all are quick to tromp on gary. i am sure most of you don’t know him and few of you if any probably actually entered. It was never a scam, and if you research it you will find that every cent was returned. Gary simply did not want to sell his business conventionally, he wanted it to go to someone hand picked. I spoke with gary about why he chose to move his business out of the high rent spot. Almost 90% of his revenue comes from delivery work to the bars and restaurants on St John. Since the opening of Starfish Gourmet, where most of you probably shopped, the remaining 10% of walk in Business disappeared, leaving absolutely no reason to operate from a high rent store front. Tourists always prefer to give their business in places that are most familiar to where they are from. It is like going around the planet, and having pizza for dinner. Take it easy on us St Johnians as most of us work many jobs just to survive in this the most expensive destination on the planet.

  8. to defender. gary opened himself up to this scrutiny. this contest was promoted very professionally and i even commented when it was launched that it was a fantastic idea. there just seemed to a lack of update and follow-up. for every entry, im sure there were hundreds more just observing to see if this was up and up. on line progress would have drawn more entrants. people are sceptics by nature and expect to be dissappionted, so you must gain trust during any promotional process. i still believe gary had a great idea, but great ideas without proper planning and promotion remain just great ideas. as for moving, he should have done that before the contest. that type move after the fact sends red flags. when dealing with the public, there can be no hidden agendas. being kind is one thing, but business is business. and finally mr. defender of st. johnians, you choose to live there and the 2 or 3 jobs you speak of is the price you choose to pay for paradise. keep looking at the beauty of forest friend and dont stare too long at the trees.

  9. Just some some of you who commented earlier know not everyone got their money back I was not even given the courtesy of an email to tell me my money was just gone
    This was a total disappointment for those of us that got sucked in and embarrassed by this thing

  10. I think it’s a shame, personally. I met Gary one evening at Larry’s Landing about 3 years ago, and he seemed like a great guy to me. Then with last years contest,which I entered, I was excited at the oppurtunity to move there, and rub elbows,and get my hands dirty within the community.Disappointedly,even though I thought I had written the winning essay, the contest was cancelled.This year for some reason or other, I didn’t enter.It seemed like he had good intentions. He didn’t cash my check last year, so I’m curious why people are being reimbursed for their entry fee…?
    See ya at Larry’s-

  11. Gary,
    My husband and I entered your contest and have received no information as far as the contest ending or the return of our entry fee. We will be visiting St. John in June and look forward to meeting you at which time we will gladly accept our refund in product from Mixology Warehouse.
    See you soon!

  12. I too am still waiting to hear back from Gary. He did return my phone call to the Mixology number sometime back telling me I would hear back from him the following week about my money. Well here it is almost two months later and several calls to the Mixology number later. I still haven’t recieved a call back nor have I recieved my money. Did anyone else get their money returned?

  13. Just out of curiosity, did anyone ever hear back from Gary or have their money returned? Does anyone know if he is still on island?

  14. I have known Gary since 1990.
    So just for the record:
    He is honest.
    Very imaginative and innovative when it comes to business.
    One of the hardest working people I have ever met.
    I lived and worked on St John for a little over a year, and all of that time, I met TWO people you could count on if you had a problem. Gary was one of them.
    So, it is hard to make a living in Paradise. Guess what? It’s getting even harder on the mainland too for you whimpy guys wearing the white socks (tourists) who don’t have the nerve to try living and working in de islands, Mon! :)Give it a break.
    Peace to all.

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