Nature’s no more?

NaturesThe Inquiring Iguana only knows what others tell him or he reads.  This morning he’s led to believe that Nature’s Nook, the ramshackle fruit and vegetable stand in Cruz Bay is out of business.

Emily, writing on the Islandia Real Estate blog, has heard the VI Health Department shut the place down.  Also, in December, as part of drug and weapons raids by VI Police in Cruz Bay, several licensing violations were identified at Nature’s.

"The small stop-by store has been in operation for over 20 years," she wrote. (Has it REALLY been that long?  But then, time does fly.) "A no loitering sign is posted," she added.  (That’s Emily’s photo, too. I cleaned it up a bit in Pixelmator on the Mac.)

5 thoughts on “Nature’s no more?”

  1. The VI health dept shut down Nature’s. Okay… I guess the fruit and veggies needed a better rinsing off? Now, when does the construction start on the parking garage or some other big concrete structure?

  2. Nature’s gone! ummm cheap government land, good location. I am sure someone building their mega villa will grab it up for the first Starbucks. There must still be some government official willing to get it through if the price is right.

  3. I can’t believe this. Natures had the best smoothies on the island hands down. The operators were real nice folks so I hope they find a better place to open up shop. When they do, I’ll be first in line for a smoothie!

  4. It is old news that the Health Dept. closed down Nature’s until health related violations could be corrected. That is not really that unusual. The question is whether the owner, “Nature”, will decide it is worth it to correct them, and re-open the business.

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