Mark, Lauren, Brett and Bo make music

Mark If you're stuck on the east coast, you've just been through a heck of a windy, wild, wet weekend.  You could probably use a shot or two of St. John. 

Courtesy of videographer Bill Stelzer, here are three video pick-you-ups.  Just back from helping with an orphanage and earthquake relief in Haiti, Bill's returned to his video work.

He took a couple of cameras to Rhumb Lines in Cruz Bay where Mark, Lauren, Brett and Bo were performing.  Featuring St.John's own Mark Wallace playing guitar and singing.

Click … sit back … and enjoy:

6 thoughts on “Mark, Lauren, Brett and Bo make music”

  1. Yes, here in the Northeast, we are still winding down from the wild wind and driving rain as signs of spring pound on the door demanding entrance. But, 1 month from today, to be exact, we will arrive on St John…this our 17th year in row. It sustains us throughout the year, along with winter skiing and summer sailing throughout New England. We love it there…Thank you SO MUCH for your daily news, I read it every day, along with checking out the webcams.

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