Mandatory Monday Beach Break

Mandatory Monday Beach Break

Hello all!  It is a beautifully overcast and breezy Monday morning here on St. John and we had an absolutely perfect Sunday yesterday!  It is RARE that both Teddy and myself have a day off from ALL of our jobs.  But, we took the day yesterday and spent some time truly enjoying St. John.  And I took a little video clip to ensure that all of you got a little beach break today as well!

We moved Asante over to Caneel Bay on Saturday evening and woke up Sunday morning to one of three beautiful rainbows that we would see throughout the day.  It was a great start to a beautiful Sunday Funday!

Mandatory Monday Beach Break 1

I spent the day paddle boarding and simply hanging on the beach in the sand while Teddy and our friend, Patrick, completed the Caribbean Lionfish Response Training Program with the Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education (CORE) Foundation at Honeymoon Bay.

Mandatory Monday Beach Break 2

Did you know that you can report the invasive Lionfish when you see them?  If you spot one of the above fish, head over to the CORE website and submit a report, or call them and the number provided below!

Mandatory Monday Beach Break 3

Afterwards, I snorkeled while the guys went diving and made some ceviche with fresh local mahi for dinner.  It was and ABSOLUTELY perfect day!  But, enough about our Sunday 🙂  I promised you a beach break!  Enjoy the view from Honeymoon and I hope that you all have an absolutely perfect day today!

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