Maho Bay Food Truck & Tiki Bar Announces Opening Date!

Maho Bay, Feb. 20, 2019
Maho Bay, Feb. 20, 2019

Well folks, love it or hate it, the new food truck and tiki bar at Maho Bay is happening. And we’re all going to get our first taste this weekend.

Maho Crossroads announced yesterday that it will have a soft opening this Saturday, February 23rd. It will open around 10:30 a.m. just after the 8 Tuff Miles race concludes. It is expected to be open until about 4-ish.

Maho Crossroads is a bit controversial simply due to its location. It is located on a private parcel on the east end of Maho Bay which is zoned commercial. Many people do not want to see development of any kind at Maho, but the fact of the matter is several acres in that are are listed for sale and zoned commercial. So unless someone with deep pockets steps in, purchases the land and donates it to the National Park, we can pretty much guarantee that even more development will happen in the area in the future.

What I really like about Maho Crossroads is the way they’ve transformed the space. They removed the dead trees from the area and kept everything that survived the storms. In my opinion, they have worked with the environment in mind and I appreciate that. Now let’s hope that the food is delicious and the drinks are cold!

We wrote about Maho Crossroads last month and posted numerous pics and a video. Click here to check that out.

We plan to stop by Saturday. We will definitely share pics with you all. In the meantime, have a fantastic Thursday everyone!

The tiki bar at Maho Bay Crossroads
The tiki bar at Maho Bay Crossroads


14 thoughts on “Maho Bay Food Truck & Tiki Bar Announces Opening Date!”

    • Something like 10 houses are being built on a hill just east of Maho. Within the next three years, I assume the entire area will be completely different. Increased traffic will most likely lead to another parking lot

  1. I think it is wonderful how they took out the damaged and kept the surviving plants, it will give them a chance to grow in after time. I would rather have the food truck and new plantings than a big huge hotel any day. Looking forward to trying it out when we come visit in June. I love your blog Jen.!

  2. Development is always going to happen. You just hope it is the right kind. This SEEMS to be the right kind. It could be far worse than it is

  3. I think this is a positive development and another sign of the continuing recovery. I love the entrepreneurial spirit and low impact.

    Cheers, RickG

  4. I’ve been coming to St John for 40 yrs I hope that the island will stay a quiet place doesn’t need any more Hotels etc if not it will loose it charm. I remember the ferry from Red Hook was $3 one way now with cruise ships docking in St Thomas they come in to St John for the day anyway its not the same.

    • What in life is the same as it was 40 years ago? Not people..most every place on earth has changed. Remember you wee first new to the island and by your coming there you started the move towards this.

  5. Let’s hope they have a complete control over any disposal food & drink items, such as straws, plastic glasses and lids as well as foil and plastic bags. The turtle population is to precious to have them ingesting trash. And for those who smoke – please pick up your butts – they can get swallowed as well. Everyone needs to strive to keep this island as beautiful as can be.

  6. We left yesterday after a magnificent 3 weeks on St. John! We visited Maho many times during our stay and kept looking to see if the food truck/tiki bar was open but looks like we just missed it!!! Oh well, another reason to go back! They have done a really nice job of clearing out the damage and incorporating what was not damaged. Good luck!

  7. We took a peek while we were on island in Feb and John – the owner – was kind enough to walk us around the grounds. As it stands now, its 100% a welcome addition to the Island and specifically Maho Bay. If there was one thing that could make Maho even more perfect than it already was, it would be the option for a short walk to get a cocktail and a taco (especially considering the relatively low impact the joint has on the environment). Assuming this is the permanent entity that remains on this plot, I’m all for it. I haven’t been when its open, but from the outside, it looks like a fun, cool spot.

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