St. Johnopoly™ – the Board Game

2019 Game Tokens

St. Johnopoly: It’s like being on St. John when you can’t be.

St. Johnopoly™ is just like the traditional Monopoly board game, but it’s 100% customized for the island of St. John. Using the game tokens – a palm tree, Jeep, petroglyph & more – land on your favorite island spots including The Beach Bar,  Miss Lucy’s, The Tap Room, and other great spots!

Crank your heat up to a balmy 80 degrees (if it happens to be chilly where you are), turn on your favorite island tunes, perhaps make a Painkiller or two, and pretend you’re on St. John… Get St. Johnopoly today!

St. Johnopoly is not available at this time. 

St. Johnopoly: It’s like being on St. John… when you’re not.