New restaurant in Cruz Bay

CcLooks like one of Cruz Bay's most popular bars is still outsourcing its food offerings. 

A few months ago, the second floor of Crazy Cracker's became the home of the Surly Cantina, a Mexican food place that left its original location at Wharfside Village.  Owners of Surly moved in and began using the kitchen to dish up tacos, beans, burritos and lots of good stuff. Soon, however, they found they needed to leave the island, creating an opportunity for another food business to move in.

Enter the Dog House, which has drawn a rave review from Poolmom_9 on TripAdvisor.com

"They have a good selection of Steak and Shrimp all for under $20 …. We had 2 different Shrimp dishes and they were excellent … The chef is great and the waitress is awesome. Very sociable and attentive. They even put the NASCAR race on the TV's upstairs and gave us free samples of some delishish apps. because they realized we had been there earlier in the week."

3 thoughts on “New restaurant in Cruz Bay”

  1. Is this the same people that had the space for a very short time last winter? We ate there once and it was fabulous, and inexpensive, the next week it was cold soggy tacos again.

  2. I don’t believe it is the same people. The people who took it over did the Mojo at Night, and were there for quite a long time. I went to the Dog House last night and it was very good. The server seemed a little lost, but that is something you see in newer businesses. That was the ONLY kind of bad thing. The food was fantastic! We were four adults, all had an entree and drinks and the entire bill was $107…that is unheard of on St. John. Two of the 4 also had leftovers to take home, the other 2 were just pain stuffed. I recommend The Dog House!

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