Still talkin’ about the ‘Housewives on St. Johns’

Housewife Yes, The Inquiring Iguana watched the second St. John-based episode of Housewives of New York.  For about 10 minutes.  Then he turned it off.  He felt dirty. Judging from comments about the show, posted on TripAdvisor.com, he wasn't alone.


"Yes, I know…..but its a bit of a guilty pleasure, watching all the drama unfold … But how cool it was to see the ladies land on the north shore of STJ in Peter Bay. It's been fun watching the episodes and spotting some of our favorite spots on the island."


"yes but it is sad that they give those childish crazies all the coverage with the beautiful St. John just as back ground…they are nuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"it's really the dumbest show I've ever seen, a bunch of vain rich women in NYC…..the last day on STJ they spent getting their nails done on their deck, give me a break … wish they'd stop calling STJ St. Johns…..


"It's become a joke in my house….every time they called it St. Johns, I would cringe and my husband would just snicker. Yes, vain and shallow women for sure."

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  1. Stop the insanity and let’s move on!!! The fact that this site (and now me) have spent any time at all discussing this makes me cringe. What’s wrong with us?

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