Locally Handcrafted Jewelry in the Heart of Coral Bay


Looking to purchase custom, locally-handcrafted jewelry while on the island? Then you’re going to want to check out Jan’s Creations By the Sea.

Jan’s Creations By the Sea is a quaint little shop in Coral Bay. It’s located in front of Aqua Bistro in Cocolobo Plaza and offers a collection of unique, handcrafted items. Jan Keisler opened the shop in 2009. At that time, it was located near Lily’s Market on the other side of Aqua Bistro. Jan moved to her current roadside in November 2011.

Jan began making jewelry back in 2005 during a trip to New Mexico. She was visiting the state with friends when they happened upon an open air bead market. Jan’s husband Lance suggested they buy some turquoise rocks to see what they could do with them. Jan then picked up some Lapis and the rest is history.

“I didn’t take long to discover that not only could I make jewelry, but also that it was fun,” Jan said. “I’m hooked on the beauty of gemstones and crystals. The healing and soothing power of a gemstone is great.”

So how did Jan end up in Coral Bay? Well like many people, she grew tired of the cold, wintry weather of the Midwest. Jan and Lance bought a sailboat and sailed around the Caribbean for five years. During that journey, they discovered St. John. Soon after, Coral Bay became their home.

In addition to Jan’s handcrafted jewelry, the shop also sells hand-painted glassware by Stephanie Clark, leather goods by Tracey Keating of Awl Made Here, pottery by Sharon Coldren, recycled glass items by Ralph and Nina Fette and local artwork. Jan is always looking to bring new exciting goods into the shop.

Jan’s Creations is open Monday through Friday, October through August, from noon to 7 p.m.

Jans Creations By the Sea

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