And the Winner of the Living the Dream Problems Contest Is…

Bushwacker Norman Island

All I can say is wow!

When we came up with this crazy idea for a contest last weekend, never did we ever imagine how popular it would become. We had more than 4,000 votes, 4,267 to be exact. That’s unbelievable! Thank you to each and every one of you who submitted hilarious “Living the Dream Problems.” Now on to the winners…

Coming in with 25% of the vote, the winner of a super duper, super swanky, News of St. John swag bag is… (drum roll please!):

Dawn with “While I was snorkeling at Maho, a donkey ate my lunch” – a living the dream problem indeed.

We have to give credit where credit’s due, so here are our second and third place winners…

Coming in with 24% of the vote and only 40 votes shy of first place is Cinnamon with “I hung my backpack from a tree at Waterlemon, only to return from snorkeling to find a mongoose hanging from the bottom of it eating my granola bar!”

And then in third place with 23% of the vote (it was such a close contest) is Kerry with “Cistern runs dry before my Rum does.” I have to admit, that’s a personal favorite of mine.

Swag bags all around!

And here are a few standout write in votes:

  • Left out a painkiller for Santa instead of cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.
  • My kids Virgin drinks cost more than mine.
  • Rum is cheaper than coffee, so I drink 1 cup of coffee and 2 cups of rum in the morning.

Seriously, you all rock. News of St. John readers are clearly the best in the world! Thanks again for participating and another big congrats to Dawn, Cinnamon and Kerry!

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