Liquor, food, music will be sold at new ferry dock

An A.H. Riise liquor store will be a prominent tenant inside the new Red Hook ferry dock,  A three-year-lease for the store, in 60 square feet, was approved this week by the V.I. Port Authority.  Riise will pay $12/foot and 15% of its sales, the Virgin Islands Daily News reported.

Other tenants in the Urman Victor Fredericks Marine Terminal have flat-rate deals. Three food sellers will pay $75/foot ($843/month), and a St. John ferry company (Transportation Services)
will have office space and counter space at $65/foot.  Two retailers
have also leased about 40 feet, each, at a price of $65/foot, which
works out to about $215/month.

While these per-square-foot prices sound steep, the monthly "nut" for these small businesses is easily managed.  In the case of a food vendor, for instance, selling seven sandwiches a day will cover the rent. 

These are prime locations and a percentage rent deal, as the Authority did with Riise, would make a lot more sense.  But, let’s be honest folks, that would also mean the sellers would have to give receipts and keep records.

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  1. Well, it will be nice to pick up that duty free box on the way off the ferry. $12/foot and 15% of sales is an interesting approach… at least it keeps fixed costs and seasonality down, by shifting the expense directly to the consumer.
    Cheers, RickG

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